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Bio Bootcamp's World Tour Is Coming To Your City. Become A Speaker To Supercharge Your Brand Today!

Current cities include all of the United States, Canada, China, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. More countries and languages coming soon.

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What is Bio Bootcamp?

This best selling book, turned into a health summit and now going city to city.

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Bio Bootcamp started as an Amazon #1 Best Selling Book that delivered strategies. tips techniques and bio-hacks to a healthier lifestyle. This book was coauthored by doctors, nutritionist, fitness professionals, chefs and professional athletes.

The City of Houston 

Starting as a book, then evolving into an online summit, Bio Bootcamp is recognized by The City of Houston for positively impacting the community. The mayor Sylvester Turner gave a proclamation awarding these efforts.

The World Tour

With the success we have achieved in Houston, we decided to spark economic growth to businesses in the health and wellness industry around the world.  Creating a summit in every major city in the U.S., other countries and in many languages.

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Advantages Of Being A Speaker On Bio Bootcamp's World Tour Health Summit

  • Brand your business as the leader in your area

  • Access to the content created for your business

  • Launch new products or services

  • Lead generator 

  • Promotional verbiage and material crated

  • Have your videos played on a streaming network

  • Network with other participating speakers

  • One person per industry, no competition 

  • Supporting local businesses 

  • Free webpage featuring your talk and expertise

  • A featured speaker 

  • And even more bonuses once you're verified

  • Our Bio Bootcamp Health Summit Works For Any Health & Wellness Niche

    Medical Professionals

    Fitness Coaches



    Beauty Professionals


    Massage Therapist

    Health Services



    Dance & Zumba


    Active Apparel

    Healthy Hobbies

    Health Consultants


    Active Dating Ideas

    Weight Loss Pros

    Sport Camps

    Outdoor Activities

    Cross Fit



    And Much More!

    So Many Reasons To Speak or Host A Bio Bootcamp In Your City, Here's Just A Few

    Watch the video above for a few more!

    Virtual Events That Will Grow Your Local Business

    Today with COVID 19 we find ourselves more in a virtual world more than ever. Speaking on a platform with people from around the world is great but doesn't get people in the doors for local businesses. Our Summits uses a city or an area of a city to promote and focus marketing efforts to people that can see and recognize your brand while enticing them to walk into your doors.

    Speaking Has Its Advantages

    One of the best marketing strategies is becoming a “Public Speaker, “ where everyone is listening and focused on you as you have center stage or in our case , center screen. Being a speaker at an event enables you not only to be supportive of the event but serves as a means to market your industry. It's a great way to build an email list, create content and gives you a reason to reach out to prospects and customers.

    Network, Collaborate & Share With Other Speakers In Your Area

    Bio Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to network with other professionals in the health and fitness industry in your area. Every summit has one person to exclusively speak on a specific topic or industry. One chair per industry, meaning there will only be one chiropractor on a summit; removing any competition that could arise from having multiple same industry speakers.  Our system is set up to place you on our platform Introduce you, and provide the best interview that allows you to promote what it is you do.  Networking, collaborating and then sharing enhances the build-out of your brand and clientele. This is truly networking at its best.

    Content, Content & More Content  

    We have created a system that creates more content and play backs than any other summit. You get a landing page with your video, bio, logo and links. We create social media content for you to post on your platforms. We place your video on the replay page and YouTube. We make your video a part of our TV show Bio Bootcamp that streams on demand on Roku and Apple TV, then we take the audio and make a podcast to promote you on those platforms as well.  Where can you get that type of value?

    "The skillful use of public speaking can improve a company's sales by allowing you to connect with the audience rather than simply making a sales pitch. If your audience feels they can relate to you, people are more likely to trust you and do business with you. "

    ~ You may a link to the article that states the above fact

    Let's Hear Some Of The Success Stories

    All of these testimonials are from speakers in previous Bio Bootcamp events.

    Bio Bootcamp has made me an Amazon #1 best selling author and has gotten me on spotlighted shows and more free publicity to build my brand. The network has helped me get my brand out there and the concept is on another level.

    David Lovelace

    Nutritionist/Body Builder

    Verified Speaker

    Being a professional athlete I've seen everything when it comes to health and fitness, but not a platform like this.  Branding, building and collaborating with Bio Bootcamp has impacted my business and non-profit positively.

    Reggie Rusk

    Former NFL Player/CEO

    Verified Speaker

    Bio Bootcamp has helped me create a niche in my market, expanded my network and helped me become an Amazon best selling author.  It gave my brand notoriety, helped me to become a part of a team that supports me and my Health Insurance business. 

    Catharine Pearce

    Health Insurance Agent

    Verified Speaker

    I was the first person  to bring Botox to Boston and in my 23 years of seeing and participating in marketing systems for health and wellness I've never seen anything like this.  This network of people has helped my business in so many ways you would be crazy not to inquire.

    Dr. Tracy Pierce

    Cosmetic Nurse injector

    Verified Speaker

    Being in business is more than just your talent or passion. I'm an excellent massage therapist but never understood marketing and was terrified of public speaking. Now with Bio Bootcamp the exposure has helped my business and I'm speaking at the next event. 

    Shauna Story

    Massage Therapist

    Verified Speaker

    As a surgeon my schedule is very busy. I'm needed at the hospital and my clinic but Bio Bootcamp gave me the opportunity to be a part of something big in the health and wellness industry that worked around my schedule and set me up with an extra stream of income.

    Dr. David Fairweather


    Verified Speaker

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    Bio Bootcamp Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yes. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. We want to make sure there is absolutely nothing to lose in these trying economic times. The guarantee and all other details will be explained on the Zoom call.

    Can multiple summits happen in one city?

    Yes. The exclusiveness of one profession per summit still stands but we can have an area of a city be its own summit and we can have different summits on different dates. A break down of how that works will be discussed on the Zoom call.

    How Many speakers are needed to launch a city?

    Our goal number is 15. We can have a little more or a little less. If you know others that may want to speak, invite them because you will benefit from all invites and viewers. Details will be discussed on the Zoom call

    How much is the cost for viewers to watch Bio Bootcamp?

    Well that's easy, IT'S FREE. But still get to the Zoom call. :-)

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

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